Online test no. 3


Renewable energy from agricultural and forest biomass

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1. Which are the main forms of biomass for energy recovery?


2. The “first generation of biofuels” are made from:


3. Which are the main advantages of using of “Biochar – coal” for improving of agricultural soils?


4. Silphium perfoliatum is a plant specie mainly used for:


5. The photosynthesis process is responsible for biomass production through:


6. The pelletizing of Miscanthus biomass increases its price


7. Paulownia tomentosa is one of the most important wood plant for biomass, with a production capacity of:


8. Salix viminalis is one of the most valuable source for biomass production because:


9. Which of the plant species listed below are used as biomass sources for the production of renewable energy?


10. The production of renewable energy from agricultural and forest biomass must take account by: