Online test no. 2


Biorefinery for advanced biofuels, part of circular bioeconomy

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1. What forms of energy considered that it should be used in the future in the field in transport?


2. Plants can be considered a form of capture and storage of solar energy?


3. The global market for biofuels is continuously decreasing over the last decade and it is expected a decrease in the production of biofuels of the second generation.


4. Circular bioeconomy includes biorefining of biomass


5. List the products which may be obtained through complete processing of biomass of sorghum


6. It is possible to conserve sugars in sugar sorghum biomass throughout the year to be used as raw material in biorefineries?


7. What do you understand by the term second generation biofuel?


8. What do you understand by the term “biorafinarie”?


9. Biogas can be a product resulting from bio-refining of biomass?


10. Throught biorefinition of sugar sorghum can be result in plastic?